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 A cause-and-effect essay on “deforestation" - Tips & Sample

If you are one of those students who struggle in writing a strong and effective essay, then get in touch with an essay writer. These writers can help you with whatever problems that you have and can also guide you in writing an effective and strong essay. 

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A cause-and-effect essay will make up one of the many essay types that you will write in your academic career. Most people find writing a cause-and-effect essay simple. However, there are some students who have trouble figuring out the structure and flow of a cause-and-effect essay. This article will provide you with some tips for writing an effective cause-and-effect essay. You can also find a cause-and-effect essay sample at the end of this article as well.

What is a cause-and-effect essay?

A cause-and-effect  essay by an essay writer analyses the relationship between two different events. How one event influences the other event is the main purpose of writing a cause-and-effect essay. A cause-and-effect essay is a form of academic writing and you will need to write The sample provided in this article will look at how deforestation is impacting biodiversity. The two events in our sample essay are deforestation and biodiversity.

Tips for writing a good cause-and-effect essay 

If you find yourself asking the question, ‘What tips should I keep in mind while I write my essay?’, then this section is for you. The following key tips will help you improve your cause-and-effect essay writing skills. 

  • Before you write, compose an outline for your essay. This will serve as the blueprint for your essay and will help you in the proper construction of your body paragraphs
  • Add a hook to your essay. This is the first sentence of your essay and serves as an attention grabber. The reader may not be attracted to your essay if the hook is incorrect.
  • A good thesis statement must be included in the introduction. This statement is usually the last sentence of your introduction and is the main claim that you are making for your essay
  • Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence. This topic sentence should link to your thesis statement and will serve as the main discussion point for your body paragraph
  • Stay formal throughout the essay. A cause-and-effect essay is a form of academic writing so the tone should remain formal throughout the essay. 
  • Use a wide variety of sentence structures. This gives your essay a more professional look and will also impress the reader of your essay
  • Use proper transition words in your essay so that the flow is maintained
  • Add a paraphrased thesis statement as the first sentence of your conclusion
  • Summarize your main points in the conclusion. Do not go into too much detail in the conclusion
  • End the essay with a recommendation. This recommendation should be something that is feasible or achievable. Do not make promises that you cannot keep
  • Proofread your essay once or twice. Most of the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can be identified and corrected after proofreading

The tips mentioned above by  a Dissertation Writing Services  will prepare you for the next time you write a cause-and-effect essay. Now let us take a look at a sample cause-and-effect essay that talks about how deforestation is affecting biodiversity.

Sample essay

Deforestation refers to the cutting down of trees by man-made activities. Deforestation is done by humans to make way for cities and high-rise buildings. Some people state deforestation is needed because of the increase in the human population over the past decade. Only a few people stop to observe how deforestation is negatively affecting the world around us. Deforestation is regarded as the leading cause of loss of biodiversity.

The loss of biodiversity can be attributed to the rapid deforestation taking place across the world. Biodiversity refers to the variety of species living in a specific habitat. Since deforestation is linked to the destruction of forests, the main loss is to the biodiversity of the forests. Most of the animals living in the forests use the trees for shelter and food. By removing the trees from the area, the habitat of countless animals is lost. These animals are never properly relocated and die as a result. The mass death of these animals can eventually result in their extinction. Deforestation eventually leads to loss of biodiversity which is caused by the loss of habitat.

The loss of biodiversity is one of the main causes of deforestation. The animals lose their homes and food sources just because trees are cut down to make room for humans. These animals do not deserve this treatment nor do they ask for it. The boom in the human population has made deforestation a necessity but it should be monitored. The animals who are losing their habitat need to be relocated. This will ensure that biodiversity is preserved and no animal is endangered of becoming extinct

The above sample is there to guide you and should not be copied for any of your academic assignments. If you still feel that writing a cause-and-effect essay is not possible then you should contact an essay writing service. They offer multiple discounts to students who are hoping to get their essays rewritten or proofread. 

Now that you have the sample and the tips for writing an effective cause-and-effect essay before you, you should start practicing. Your first or second drafts will have some common errors but these can be removed with proper practice. Once enough practice is done, you will become an expert at writing a great cause-and-effect essay.

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