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Some people, even regular smokers, may be surprised at the peculiar phenomena that cannot occur with regular cigarettes when using a vape for the first time. Here, we will introduce the phenomena that tend to occur when using a vape, including how to deal with them.

Spitback occurs

Spitback is the bouncing back of salt nicotine liquid. When the liquid bounces back with a crackling sound, the heated liquid may hit your tongue or mouth. The first easy fix for spitback is to increase the output. Spitback is more likely to occur when the coil, the part of the atomizer that turns the liquid into vapor, is heated slowly, so increasing the power output may help to deal with spitback. However, over heating can cause another problem, so be sure to increase the output slowly.

It may also be possible to deal with this problem by increasing the amount of cotton inside. Note that this remedy is mainly effective for models that use atomizers called "rebuildable atomizers," so it is not effective for those models that do not fall into this category. Another countermeasure is to change the drip tip to a taller one, thereby physically distancing it from the coil to the mouth. In other words, rather than preventing spitback from occurring, this method of countermeasure prevents damage from spitback that does occur. There are also "anti-spitback drip tips" available that have a spiral shape inside or have been specially processed, so it is a fun way to check them out and change them to your liking.

Hot drip tip

When the output is increased to prevent spitback, the drip tip, which is the inlet port, may become hot. Therefore, countermeasures are taken by adjusting the output to a level where it does not feel hot. In addition, smoking at moderate intervals is another way to prevent the drip tip from getting hot.

There are also some types that do not allow output settings. For those types that do not allow output settings, it is effective to change the drip tip. For example, metal drip tips tend to transfer heat easily, so using a resin drip tip may reduce this problem considerably. Try several and find the one you like best.

What are the six precautions when using a vape?

Vape is a precision electronic device, so you need to be very careful when using it. Here are some precautions you should take when using a vape to avoid unexpected injuries and unforeseen situations.

Beginners should start with mouth vaping.

Even experienced smokers may get swallowed if they start vaping directly into their lungs while they are still new to vaping. Especially when using nicotine-containing liquids, the amount of vapor is increased, which can be very irritating to the throat, so care should be taken. Therefore, it is recommended that vape beginners in particular start with mouth-to-rung, in which vapor is collected in the mouth and then put into the lungs, and gradually become accustomed to it. When you get used to it and want to enjoy direct rings, the trick is to inhale vigorously because you will choke if you inhale fearfully. Please try it out.

Avoid burning the coil empty.

When using a vape, if the wick (cotton) is not soaked with liquid, the coil will be empty, and a burnt smell will be generated. When using VAPE for the first time, especially when using it for the first time, be sure to leave 5 to 10 minutes after putting in the liquid to allow the liquid to soak into the wick before using it. Also, when refilling the coil with liquid, put in the liquid before it runs out, and if the wick is visible through the coil, pour the liquid directly into it as if it were dripping.

If the coil is burnt, a burnt taste cannot be avoided. The flavor of the liquid will be lost in an instant, so be very careful when handling the coil.

Do not overfill the liquid.

Care should also be taken when refilling the atomizer with liquid. Too much liquid can cause leaks. If you put the atomizer in your bag without noticing any leaks, your personal or work belongings may get wet as a result. As noticed by vape manufacturer, nicotine-containing liquids are especially dangerous if they come into direct contact with the hands unless they are handled with sufficient care. Nicotine is designated as a poison. If you get liquid, including nicotine-containing liquid in general, on your hands, wash it off immediately and see a doctor if necessary.

Be aware of your surroundings when smoking explosively

As the name implies, a lot of smoke is produced when you vape, which is one of the ways to enjoy vaping. Even in places where vape use is permitted, you can smoke smarter by paying attention to your surroundings and choosing the right place to smoke. In general, the differences between cigarettes and e-cigarettes are not always clear-cut; some people naturally dislike the vapor from a vape as much as they do the smoke from cigarettes.

It is important that you follow the rules for your surroundings and make sure they understand them, so that you can enjoy your vape life to the fullest.

Refrain from vaping while charging

Using a vape while charging it is very dangerous, as it may overheat and lead to malfunctions or accidents. Be careful not to do this. It is most important to always complete charging before use and to vape safely. However, excessive charging is another cause of shortened battery life.

Avoid pressing the button too much when vaping.

Do not press the button unnecessarily long without vaping, or press the button more than necessary to vape for a long time, as this can lead to malfunction. When you vape, divide the vape into several times to avoid pressing the button too much, which is the secret to keep using the vape for a long time. A vape is only a precision electronic device, so be sure to use it correctly and carefully.