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3 Most Common Types of Cleaning Personalities: Which One Is You?

You know, a home reflects on those who live in it. By having a close look at how someone relaxes, sleeps, and works there, you can get a better idea of their personality - the good and the bad.

Below we have listed the three types of cleaning personalities and how to figure them out.

1. Mr./Ms. Perfectionist

How do you know whether you fall into this type? Do you dust your living space daily? Do you use the best vacuum cleaner on the market  every day? Do you feel sorry for leaving the home messy when you know it is pretty neat? Always looking for an opportunity to do some deep cleaning? Then there’s a good chance you are a “Perfectionist.” They tidy up everything each day. Their house is spotless on all occasions. Even the tidiest mess is a reason for them to clean up.

The good thing about this personality is, their home is in a flawless condition all the time, including when they have guests.

That said, you may face some challenges if you refuse to accept any standard short of perfection. Your home may intimidate your friends and family. People may not feel comfortable around there. They probably wonder whether or not it’s okay to enjoy an open water bottle in your living space. Or, should they remove their shoes? That is why you had better try and make sure your family members and buddies know they are more than welcome in your house, even if it is necessary for you to make things neat again after they leave.

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2. Mr./Ms. Little Bits

If you belong to this category, you fancy splitting up your home cleaning jobs into smaller ones. Also, you do a little bit of work when you have some spare moments. Do you grab a lightweight vacuum when you notice a dust layer on the floor? When you see pet hair building up in the corners, do you get rid of it with a vacuum cleaner? How often do you clean the home’s little bits at a time? If you give your dedication to these doings, then “Little Bits” is your cleaning style.

On a positive note, your attitude toward cleaning is likely more relaxed. You keep your home tidy by doing the necessary things. Unlike the Perfectionist, you do not stress about ensuring it is all spotless all the time.

Although your space is neat and comfortable, some details are possibly being missed. Dusting little bits of your house at a time can be a good thing, but be sure you also notice and clean the areas that are not too obvious.

3. Mr./Ms. Panicker

By its name, you may be able to guess how this type would react to cleaning up their home. “OMG, crap!!!” You may utter in panic like that when a friend tells you she will be visiting your house. Whenever there are guests coming, you become temporarily mad. You are frantic to throw stuff away from noticeable areas, place dirty dishes in the oven, etc.

Indeed, there are good things related to this personality. You prove how much and how fast you can get tasks done in a hectic amount of time. You are impressively good at meeting deadlines.

On the other hand, the high chance is, your areas are dirty and cluttered as you avoid polishing them until you have a particular motivation - for example, someone is coming over.

To get the most out of this personality, host a party once a month in your house. By so doing, you have a frequent deadline to be encouraged to detail the home.

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Wrapping It Up

Different people have different cleaning personalities. Which of the above characteristics are you? Some of you may fall into more than one category. Let’s look around your house, and see what mess/cleanliness level you are living with. Then, ask yourself: What personality type do I fit? Am I happy about that?